Ice Cream in The Box

Why is D’lizious so delicious?

We all know good food requires good ingredients, and it’s the same for ice cream. That’s why our premium ice cream uses fresh cream and fresh milk as the base, with egg yolks as a natural emulsifier and stabilizer. In addition we use corn starch, xanthan gum (a natural substance created by fermenting sugar by a type of bacteria called Xanthomonas campestris), and all natural flavourings. There is no essence or colouring used.

All of D’lizious vegan variants use plant-based milk to replace fresh milk and fresh cream. The nice cream base is a mix of coconut milk and nut milk. Nut milk is essential to prevent the coconut flavour from overpowering other flavours. To imitate the milky creaminess, some coconut oil or cocoa butter is sometimes used. Only natural flavourings are used. There is no essence or colouring used.

However, good ingredients alone is not enough to produce good ice cream. A proper technique is essential to make the ice cream safe to eat and a good machine is also needed to make the ice cream soft and fluffy.

After all, ice cream is pure science! It’s about creating the perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess of a perfectly smooth milky suspension. Because we only use natural ingredients, the flavour is strong but not overpowering.


The secret recipe

Now we’ll tell you the secret recipe (that is not secret anymore) that makes D’lizious so delicious: it’s time. We don’t rush any of the production steps, but instead we warm the ingredients to let the natural flavours infuse the liquid slowly and then let the custard “age” in cold temperature to release all the good flavours. This is why it takes 2 days to make our ice cream. It’s worth the wait!

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