Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut

Who would have guessed that the combination of chocolate and hazelnut was created in the 1800s when chocolate was scarce surrounding wartime desperation and economic strife? The marriage of chocolate and hazelnut is so good that it survived generations over centuries. It has become a staple in our daily life and based on our observations, diners’ craving for chocolate hazelnut is nearly insatiable. This is the reason why instead of making it a dairy product, we want everyone to enjoy this delizious vegan treat. A truly all time favourite among vegans and non-vegans.

At D’lizious, only real hazelnuts are used instead of essence/syrup. High-quality hazelnuts are toasted to release their aroma. Then, they are ground into a powder — whose texture you can taste when you put a spoonful of this popular flavour in your mouth.

Ingredients: coconut milk, cashew milk, sugar, salt, corn starch, xanthan gum, seaweed extract, coconut oil, raw cocoa, hazelnut.