This is our signature product, premium ice cream in a simple yet effective packaging — a design that has been copied by other brands which flatters us even more.

Available in dairy and vegan base to meet your needs. Explore our regular flavours here.

Consignment and wholesale option available. Please contact us for more information.

Our best selling creation — Mochi-lizious, is a pillowy creation of squishy and chewy mochi outside, blanketing the rich and creamy ice cream at heart.

When you bite into that chewy, squishy texture, it triggers joy in your brain. You can’t be sad while eating mochi. You just can’t. Even better, it’s a dessert that’s magically gluten free.

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Choco-lizious is the latest creation from D’lizious Artisan Ice Cream. Our signature premium ice cream is covered in a generous layer of fine Belgian dark chocolate for extra indulgence. Imagine M*gnum in bite size, but with better quality ice cream and higher quality chocolate.

Our luxury box is the perfect gift to surprise your loved ones in any occasions — be it birthday parties, social gatherings, farewells, Christmas, anything!

It is highly customizable to meet your budget. You get special price for ice cream products when they are purchased with this gift box. It is also your only opportunity to get choco-lizious as they are not for sale separately.

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Apart from the regular flavours, we love to experiment and create new flavours every now and then. Explore all of our available flavours in this section. These are not regular flavours, meaning they are not always ready and you have to order them.
If you cannot find your favourite flavour here, feel free to contact us to make it happen.
Minimum order 1 liter.