Our newest creation, Mochi-lizious, is a pillowy creation of squishy and chewy mochi outside, blanketing the rich and creamy ice cream at heart.

When you bite into that chewy, squishy texture, it triggers joy in your brain. You can’t be sad while eating mochi. You just can’t. Even better, it’s a dessert that’s magically gluten free.

What is “mochi”?

Mochi is rice cake made of glutinous rice flour. To create chewy texture, mochi dough has to be pounded repeatedly. There are machines to make commercial mochi but we believe the texture is different than the traditional hand pound mochi. Hand pounded mochi is softer, yet more chewy than machine made mochi. So at D’lizious our mochi is made with original grandma recipe and 100% hand made, hand pounded, hand rolled, and hand shaped to create delizious mochi ice cream balls for you.  Better yet, it’s vegan friendly and gluten free!

What kind of ice cream is used?

We don’t want to compromise our premium ice cream quality, so we use the same ice cream for mochi ice cream as for our premium ice cream. While a box of our signature ice cream is equal to two scoops of ice cream, one mochi-lizious is equal to half a scoop of ice cream.

Dairy based variants are available in:

  • vanilla
  • chocolate
  • salted caramel
  • cookies n cream
  • mint choco chip
  • green tea

Plant based variants are available in:

  • vanilla coconut
  • chocolate peanut butter
  • strawberry swirl
  • piña colada
  • salted coconut caramel